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T989UVKL1 T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II Android 2.3.6 firmware update - stock ROM online!

An upgrade  from previous firmware build version T989UVKID for T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-T989 will come sooner to be officially release. This new firmware update with build number T989UVKL1 which is now packed in Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. We spotted it earlier over on Samsung Kies server as a "test mode" so far but definitely  it's going to be officially push out this coming few days.
This firmware has been modified as dated 10th of December 2011.

According to T-Mobile's News team that upgrading your Samsung Galaxy S II to T989VUVKL1 will benefit from:
  • Caller ID enhancements
  • Battery enhancements
  • Wi-Fi calling enhancements
Here's the freshest news  from T-Mobile support site.  
Good news everyone.  A software update has already been released to activate Wi-Fi calling on the HTC Amaze, and beginning today, a software update is coming out that will do the same for the Samsung Galaxy S II.  Both updates are being done as an over-the-air update, meaning that you will receive a message on your phone telling you that an update is available, once it is pushed to your device.

For the Amaze, you can manually update the software manually.  I have done this and I find that the Wi-Fi calling experience is actually better than it was with my MyTouch 4G.

Unfortunately, a manual update is not available for the Galaxy S II, so please be patient and you should receive your update soon.
Some advance users already managed to upgrade using the T989VUVKL1 stock ROM found out and confirmed that the wifi calling and battery stuck issues are indeed already fixed.
The T989VUVKL1 stock ROM that has been already pulled from kies is now available for grab at XDA-developer

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